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The roller shutter is one of the most popular installations these days because they protect your home and ensure good thermal insolation.
The awning protects you from the sun which is paramount in the south of France during summer, but also often during winter.

We provide installation services and emergency repairs service, you can rest assured that your roller shutters and your awnings are in safe hands. 

volets roulants bloques niceRoller shutters, also called roller blind or roll-down curtain, come in various colors and materials. Whether it is for a new construction or for a renovation,, roller shutters remain a very good choice to reinforce both the security and the insulation of your home, roller shutters are above all very practical and easy to use.

Count on the professionalism of our company for the installation or repair of your roller shutters and blinds. We have several qualified technicians that provide quality installation and expert repair services.

There are different types of roller shutters. There are manually operated roller shutters and electric roller shutters.

store banneAmong the main advantages of roller shutters is thermal insulation. PVC roller shutters are an excellent choice if you want to optimize insulation even further.
Also, roller shutters are very effective in terms of security and can be used as window blinds. To enhance security, we can install burglar-proof fixings. Choose our team to install your roller shutters while putting your safety first.

Roller shutters and awnings can be motorized. This remains a huge asset for those who use them. This motorization system will allow you to save time and be better protected in the event of a break-in, as far as the shutters are concerned.

The motorization can be with switch or remote control. If you choose electric roller shutters in this way, contact us now.

The same is tru for retractable awnings which can be either manually or elecrtrically operated.

We will ensure a perfect installation. In the event of a breakdown of the motor of your roller shutters or your awningss, we can repair them.

Our roller shutter company offers different kinds of services, namely services for troubleshooting, rehabilitation, repair or even modernization or renovation of your roller shutters and awnings.

Benefit from the practical advice of our professionals to help you choose your roller shutters. You may already know that PVC provides roller shutters with very good thermal insulation while aluminum can improve the thermal or sound insulation of your home. Still, before installation, it is better to have the advice of professionals. Ours will be able to guide you in relation to your real needs.

Why choose Home Services for your shutters and awnings ?

In addition to the  installation of your roller shutters or awnings, other services such as the replacement of parts of the roller shutters or awnings, the change of PVC or metal curtain slats.

Before any intervention, a free quote will be delivered to you so that you have an idea of ​​the services to be provided. The motorization of your shutters and awning can be done very quickly to allow you to enjoy great comfort.

An analysis of each situation will be made to ensure that you benefit from the most appropriate services. The Home Services 06 team of craftsmen can work on various materials such as aluminum, wood, PVC, etc. We can change the operating system, such as the arms, or the fabric.

We supply and install all types of external shading products. In addition to installing new awnings and sunshades, we also repair – recover – service – alter and maintain most brands of awnings

We can provide you with an estimate for all kinds of projects that are important to you. Contact us now.

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