reparation de portailGATE REPAIR SERVICES

  • Broken Gate Repair
  • Electric Gate Repair
  • New Gate Installation
  • Gate Off Track


Gate troubleshooting and repair
Interventions 7 days
Very fast response time

A sturdy and stronge gate defends you from intrusion. To serve this purpose, the gate needs to be in well maintained and top condition. Wear and tear, or damaged gate is an open invitation to uncertain situations. If you need maintenance or reparation, we can help you.

When your gate is damaged or is not working as it should, call the gate repair assistance. Whether it is damaged from a vehicle accident or lightning striking, our team of expert recognizes the problem and can provide quick and reliable repair at your place.

When it rains, getting out of the car to open the gate, getting the car into the yard then opening the garage door to shelter the car, getting out in the rain to close the garage and the gate, all these actions quickly turn into a real ordeal. On a daily basis, weariness is quickly felt. The solution is to install a gate and garage door opener.


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    portail en panneWe can help you with all these issues :

    • Automatic Gate is stuck and not opening or closing
    • The gate is dragging on the ground
    • Solar powered gate is not working
    • Blown fuses and power failure problems
    • Gate Latch or Hinge Replacement
    • Gate Opener
    • Your sliding gate is of track
    • Damage from Vehicles
    • Surge Protection.
    • Regular maintenance
    • Keypad or Intercom failure
    • The gate sensor is not working
    • The remote control for the gate is not working

    Our team repair all types of automatic gates including: sliding gates, swing gates, boom gates, intercom gates and supermarket gates. All makes and models of commercial and residential gates can be repaired or serviced by our dedicated team of professionals, if spare parts are available.

    Our staff is seasoned, they will be able to advise you and set up your motorization. We support you throughout the life of your motorization system!

    We work on all models and makes, such as :



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